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Distorted Penguins – Psycho Nazi Female Dog From Hades lyrics

She's still got the knife in her hand
Stabbed me in the back goddamn it all
She's not playing fair
Prejudice hold it against
Possibly could be premenstral
She don't even care
Can't let injustices go unheard
Thought you were cool flipped me the bird

You may think she's pretty swell
But she's a psycho nazi bitch from hell
Have you got a soul to sell
You may want to ring her bell
But she's a psycho nazi bitch from hell
Nazi bitch from hell
Rolling thunder trample down
When she is gone nothing's around or alive
Betrayal with a kiss
Cannot stand to be with her
Turned me into a killer
Guess who's first on my list
Can't let injustices go unheard
Next time I see you I'll flip you the bird
No time to compensate or regulate
It's way too late
Save you for a rainy day

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