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Dignity – Icarus lyrics

Used his skills to build them wings
Out of feathers and of strings
To escape the labyrinth in which they re trapped
Icarus - the son of Daedalus the one
With these wings they would reach to the sun...

High above the clouds they'll - fly
That's the only way cause the...
Guards are watching land and sea
(The) King of Crete in agony

He was rebellious - he was bold
So he ignored what he was told
Son, you must promise me to never fly too high
Cause the sun is a flaming ball of fire
The wax in the wings might just melt
And you'll fall dead upon the ground

Fly! - Into the sun
He is the one and only
Icarus (Icarus)
High! - To touch the sun
He is Daedalus son
Icarus (Icarus)

To kill the monster Minotaur
The hero begged the inventor
Daedalus and as if that was not enough
Did escape with the lovely daughter
Of king Minos his fury was so great
In the end he lost his mind

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