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Digital Underground – Know Me, Feel Me lyrics

You know how to dodio, put me in your video
Can't be your hoe-deo, put me in your video (x2)

You got a natural thing for that swing
If everything is lovey-dovey when we gonna get together? (x4)

[Shock G]
You could see the fear in her eyes on the night she arrived
Ugly was the atmosphere, terror was the vibe
I was a fool cause I really thought I owned her
Every night I boned her, I even loaned her
Out like a hat, to the others
She got spanked if she acted up as if I was her mother

And when she tried to run away I set the dogs on her
Kept her locked down from the fall to the summer

[Shock G]
Eventually I had to let her go cause people said
I'm evil and they started coming down on me
But she never made it out the doe, she said
'Hoeing's all I know and I'm cut off from my family
There's nowhere I can go and you owe me
But I'll forgive you if you start fresh and you show me
That you're worthy of my love and if you can't love a whore
Then teach me how to be the type of woman you adore'

I wasn't really down but I said 'Deal'
Just to shut her up and to hide what I feel
But the eyes never lie, she read right through me
And what she said next got to me:

[Chorus x2]
Are you ever gonna know me, love me
Feel me, ever gonna give it a try?
Maybe I'm not what you're used to
But it's cool cause I'm pretty inside

So we're both still living in the same crib
But I hardly ever see her cause I'm never there
I can't face all the bad things I did
So I hide and I lie and deny that I care
Reckless, ruthless, evil like a devil
And now she wanna take me to that real level
I gave her nothing but stress and strain

[Shock G]
She believes in me and says that people can change
You know I do not understand how she still stands by me
On the down low I think she's fly, see
But I front on account of the way that I acted

I'm paranoid that she might get me back and
I couldn't be the fat, greedy rat that I've been
I had the power living in sin
But I still can't get her words out of my head
She messed me up with the way she said:

[Chorus x2]

Are you ever going to understand
I do not have a history of showing people love
Just because I put you on the tv
Doesn't mean I'm looking out for you or ya moms
I dogged you! I dogged you, you don't care!
A slave to the rhythm, a fiend for abuse
You got your act together, things are looking better
But you'll always be A roach to them!

[Shock G]
She said 'i'd like to thank ya cause you put me in your video
Take me all alone somewhere so no one else can see me hoe
Then you'll know that I'm wide o', your flow's got the power over me

Are you ever gonna know me, love me
Feel me, ever gonna give it a try?
The key is the 'i', is the 'she', is the 'we'
And the I is he

You got a natural thing for that swing
If everything is lovey-dovey when we gonna get together? (x4)

[Shock G]
You got a natural thayng, for that shwang..

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