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Diggy – Just Begun lyrics

My mic on?
Check... One...
They say when you feel trapped,
You got two choices... You can
Either break down, or you can break through...
Some said that I don't grind,
I'll never be Multi, the reason that I'm on,
Is cause of my close ties you know what then you're right,
Yeah nigha you're right,
I ain't gone argue witcha cause that'll take all night...
Ya'll lookin' for a fight,
My raw's given voice sight,
I took the Bar Exam and I'm colder than Coors Light,
Chrisette I'm the new L, I told em do tell,
He said that the ladies love me and I'm gonna do well
Don't mean to be rude, well but I'm gonna do sell,
Find me I'ma do me, get it pumpin' like Crewels,
Seeing through all the smoke, y'all still take me for a joke,
This gotta be the realest that I spit outta all the flow.
I give you the real me, no image and acting,
And I'm way ahead of y'all, so I'm speakin in mast tense,
Y'all didn't think this would come to full wishin',
I try'da told ya, but y'all didn't listen...
Y'all was just dissin', and hatin' on a nigga from the sideline,
Try to past me by like they did false eye
But still my first flight left a Tom Mack, buy my cd
You' on like it get a yard back, get a yard back,
Rebate, refund, already walked this way this a rerun
This is a rerun, everything I learned is from whatever he's done...
Uh I told y'all since airborne,
I'm cold like I left the air on,
I'm dope, yes nigga heroin,
And the world's gonna know!
It's bout time, y'all gimme my shine,
Y'all gimme my props, cause I will not stop,
You say you can out-rap? I highly doubt that,
I got a large steak in this game, no outback
Just look at Wilensky, my Jetsetters with me,
My fans are the most loyal ever in history,
And I'm only 16, you heard me right one six,
I ain't got no fillers on this album, not one skip
Nah not one skip, I do this in one take,
They wanna punchings
No I let it it run straight, they say for my age group,
I am like air jay, but then they stop talkin' age,
This is what I say...
With my eyes closed,
I'm knockin' this road even with a blind fold,
I know where to go,
Cause I know I'm gonna make it,
It's written on the wall,
I am... The one...
... And I've only just begun

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