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Diana Anaid – I Go Off lyrics

A hundred thousand fireflies light up before me
And if I turn my head on to the side they become my ceiling and
The floor is slippery, but I'm not scared
Because I dance with my guitar when my feet are bare
And the lights are so bright and so unreal
And my fingers are bleeding but I can't feel them
If you think that I'm quiet you don't read my eyes
Because I've got a lot to say and most of the time

I go off - and if you don't believe that
I'll go off - right here, right now
I go off - and if you don't believe that
I go off - you're not listening very hard

It's hot and smoky a lot of the time
And I bus it or thumb it and I plane or drive
Sometimes there's roses and sometimes there's coins
But, well I never really notice for the sound of my voice


On the back of a motorbike and it's raining hard
And I'm strapped to a man on one side and to my guitar
I have to fight the bouncer when I get to my destination
Because he doesn't recocgnise me from my promotion
So I say 'hey, is that my problem
You should really get together man.
I've got a room full of people
Waiting for me again.'


My imagination is a party and I invite you
And I'm a good hostess so I won't bite you
I really like it here
It's such a thrill
And I think fireflies are really cool.


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