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Deviser – She Who Is To Come lyrics

Where the shadows lie thick
Like layer after layer of dust of darkness
Settled over generations
Lost in the immensity of the cold
Unearthly landscape
Black crags cleft with chasms
A vast cult of wizards
Bound to the worship of the premier divinity of this world
New sense of unreality
Harassments of the self
To relieve it's cosmic ennui
The goat
So carefully curried and groomed
The pentagram
The five pointed star

Ekei opou to skotadi agkaliazei tis xamenes psyxes
Parmenes mesa apo anieres praxeis stin pragmatiki zoi
Synthesi kai aposynthesi kosmwn kai ontwn
Nekra tis texnis symbola

[English translation:]
There where dark embraces the lost souls
Taken from unholy acts in real life
Composition and decomposition of worlds and beings
Dead symbols of art

The mighty mother smiles
Over her fleeing, her star-scattered brood
As nigh falls over Yaddith at the end
We hurtle through the frigid gloom of space
To Zaoth or Shaggai or Kythamil
Leaving behind the ruin of a world
And little hope have we to long survive
The awful doom of Yaddith we evade
Will soon be snuffling at our heels again
When fires blaze forth on the skies
When the black goat appeareth before men
There be those who will help the lean and ravenous ones
The minions of ye black goat
La! Shub-Niggurath!

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