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Deviated Instinct – Through The Looking Glass lyrics

I was gazing deep into past shallows
You reached out
Now I can see
For so many moons I was held in a trance
Pulled trough
You showed me things in a brand new light

Selfish desire
But I was always the pupil
Bite the hand that feeds
For blood will pulp the self-importance
It's just a vision from the past
With each twist and turn of the journey
Yesterday would await
Our stubborn pride to walk alone
Is never ending spirals

And regret can be all too real
But what's done is done
And I turn my back on despair
Today my life begins

Now I'm diving into a reality of make-believe

A fantasy of a dreamer's passion fulfilled

Reflection cracked by will
You gave the push that was needed
Splintered glass, this Bedlam shattered
Shards of yesterday like rain on stone washed away
Through the looking glass, faster I fall
But my greed might just throw me back
Absurd desire won't strangle this
For this is what is meant to be

Now on reflections I look back
And I remember
I was
I was gazing deep into past shallows
You reached out
Now I can see
You possess all that I need
You are all that I need

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