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Deniece Williams – Black Butterfly lyrics

Morning light, silken dream to flight
As the darkness gave way to dawn
You've survived, now your moment has arrived

Now your dream has finally been born

Black Butterfly, sailed across the waters
Tell your sons and daughters
What the struggle brings

Black Butterfly, set the skies on fire
Rise up even higher

So the ageless winds of time can catch your wings

Ooh... Ooh

While you slept, the promise was unkept
But your faith was as sure as the stars

Now you're free, and the world has come to see
Just how proud and beautiful you are


Let the current lift your heart and send it soaring
Write the timeless message clear across the sky
So that all of can read it and remember when we need it

That a dream conceived in truth can never die

Cause now that you're free and the world has come to see
Just how proud and beautiful you are


Yeah, yeah, yes

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    Wow so interesting this 'post meaning' box is here I have thought much about this song, but I know they lyrics because I learned after it played so much on the radio when I was younger. Truly just thought about the song search for the lyrics and here I am pondering what does this mean. Scroll down and here is the box--i think it is a civil rights inspired song, but like so many of those songs and poems can take on many meanings depending on the listener. For me it means to soar to your highest heights and live so everyone can see-not boastfully, but so that they can be inspired to reach their highest heights as well. Wow it's so beautiful to me now.
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