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Denial Of God – Cycle Of The Wolf lyrics

Twilight Hour, my Time has come
The Sun chased away by the Moon
There is a Curse upon my Soul
And the Night is coming soon

The Fullmoon Light reflects in the Mirror
Where my pale Face does change
A Transformation from Man to Beast
So grotesque and strange...
But Real... !

The Fullmoon is cursing me above my Head
With it's cold silvery Eye
To cross my Path this Night is what you dread
By wolfen Claws you are gonna die

I prowl these Paths at Night again and again
As the gruesome Beast I have become
They all were harmless Victims of my Shame
But tonight you are my chosen one

Can't you see me, an endless Nightmare
Cursing the white Moon above
Can't you hear me, feel my cold Stare

Damned to kill the one I love
Can't you hear me in the damned Glare
Of the Moon hiding the Truth
Can't you see me, an endless Nightmare
The cursed Cycle of the Wolf

Adoring you since Childhood
Would never cause you Pain
But tonight I am out prowling
Out to rip your Veins
Haunting in these foggy Woods
Sensing your warm Breath
Want to hold you close to me
Still causing senseless Death

Slowly you are approaching me
I stare into your Eyes
Staring in your now pale Face
Don't think you recognize
The one you loved, the one you cursed
The one you left behind
And this Night in the foggy Woods
No one hears your Cries

No one hears your fucking Cries...

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