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Demon Hunter – Undying lyrics
Ever since the day that I was made I've been deciding the end
And I was made of wood and stone that won't diminish or burn
So when the heavy hand of death is here to take me away
I'll be the solid grip of time, forever holding my stay
Nobody ever made a force that took a beating like me
I call the earth and every scum to come and try to fight me
Cus when I made the choice to live beyond the dirt that we tread
I felt the curse of mortal limit fall before it was said

When this season ends...

One final heart-break
And blinding lights will guide our way
Free us our blind state
They will call us by our name

Tearing through these days I find the tolerance to strive and push on
I know what lies beyond this life for me is already won
No one can take away the blood that covers over my fall
Without the blood of perfect life I know I'm nothing at all
So now I reign forever hallowed in eternity's hand
No man can shake me from the everlasting ground that I stand



We are the ones who will still remain when all is laid to waste
We are the ones who, when angels cry, will see them face to face
We are the ones



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Undying meanings

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    Christians are undying: those who truly have surrendered to God through Jesus have a life coming after!
    "Blinding lights (of heaven!) will guide our way."
    "Free us our blind state": Demon Hunter most likely believes that we'll be all seeing/knowing in heaven, which would be totally cool!
    "They will call us by our name": this is the most comforting thing about this song for me, that we will personally be called into the kingdom of heaven by our names.
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    I don't know why everybody is writting about christians this christians that, you guys do realize that if christianity was the only religion everybody believed on, this world would be lost, remember that god did not want us to believe in one thing, he gave us the freedom to believe anything and you guys gotta be carefull about being so obsessed with god, cus the devil can present itself too, is going to happen just like that movie, "the curse of emily rose" people say that god is dead but how can they say that if I showed them the devil favorite part of the movie and comes on a song that. By the way I am buddhist. This song to me means that one day those who don't believe in god will one day find truth and that we must actually come from a powerfull force that decided to create us.
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      Christians are undying: those who truly have surrendered to God through Jesus have a life coming... Read more →

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