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Demetri Yates – Get On My Level (feat. Lorenzo) lyrics

[Intro:] Lorenzo
Yo, you punks need to step back, djy In this joint now. Let him show yall wats up.

Get On My Level,
Yall just can't touch tha swag.
Can't be me, you a stuck up fag.
Get On My level,
I see you tryna gain a spotlight.
But you still on tha first level, and that's not right.
Get On My Level,
I don't know what you tryna prove,
You suck and that's that, nigga go to school.
Get On My Level,
I'm tha best, repeat, I'm tha best, my songs, everybody request.

(1st Verse)
Ay nigga, yall must don't know who I be,
Ask me how many people do I see,
Tryna be bad, and think they djy, but they lame.
They scared, they not fly, cuz I run tha game.
You aint no competition,
I'm on the top of this division.
You haven't accomplished that mission.
You can't shine bright as me, and make someone lose they vision.
I'm tha king sittin on my throne.
Sittin on 28' inch rims, yes they chrome.
You work for me, yo family work for me, ya girl work for me. The world work for me.
Me, Demetri, The Main Event,
Have you going to a new planent, they be like damn where you went.


(2nd Verse)
I get respect in the hood,
They know if I don't get that, they gone get pop wit the nine, that what happens in the hood.
Still run my hood,
Stiil run yo hood,
Territory aint a thang, it's my hood.
Ok let me stop, yall niggas should know by now it's my hood.
I got seven bullets aiming straight to yo head boy, I only neeed one, that all it takes for you to be dead boy.
You need to know tha rules to the game, not talking bout fun games, not a red toy,
That's the color of ya blood, if you make me mad boy.
Oh yes I'm ready to kill, blood gone be leaking like a oil spill.
Don't try to test mr. Fresh,
You threating me,
Man yo feelings you should not espress.
Cuz a bullet gonna go from ya back through ya chest.
I'm mvp at causing a nigga pain,
I'm off tha chain,
Like a dog, wit rabies,
My mind is insane.


(Lorenzo Talking)
Yo djy let hit em one mo time to prove to them that you on top of the game, the last level

(Demetri talking)
Lets Do It Mane

(3rd Verse)
Got a fully loaded clip, firing everywhere,
Got suckers crying I see the scare.
Temper just exploded,
Shoot, I gotta reload it.
This gun aint 4 kids, no you can't hold it,
I'm a bad man, throw you in the trashcan,
Better run fast man.
Cuz I'm on ya,
You tryna break tha game, I see it yo eyes,
You is a snitch, you smell like shit, and you a bitit,
You a punk nigga and that all to it,
Out of control fluids,
Tryna be a g, you can't do it.
Shut up nigga, not on my level, and I just proved it.

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