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Demetri Yates – Fresh (feat. Jaquante King) lyrics

[Intro:] Demetri
Yo, this is another spirydaz hit. So we gone get this thing kicking in 5 4 3 2 1
Lets go.

(1st verse) Jaquante
I hit the club so fresh,
Got my J's on,
Puttin these niggaz 2 da test,
I pulled your girl,
And she already undressed,
So Imma take her to my room,
And let djy tell da rest.

(1st verse) Demetri
Look who just hit da club,
Rollin on dem dubs,
Nigga talkin ish,
And I show them watsup.
Nigga all in my face,
Got attention of da whole place,
Stole on that nigga,
Cuz I got no time 2 waste,
& that unfolds da whole case.
I'm a hard dude,
Play by no rulez,
Just took a nigga hoe,
And screwed her wit my tool.
I stay ballin, niggaz just fallin,
And their girls keep callin.
I'm a real G,
Next time don't start nuthin if you see me,
Cuz I'm Demetri. A-Ha

[Hook:] Jaquante
We fresh, you not,
So hit da door, this iz our spot,
We fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh 2 death,

[Hook:] Demetri
Nigga get back if you wanna maintain yo health,
And no way you can take away our wealth, cuz we fresh.

(2nd verse)
Bout 2 leave this joint,
Ladies won't stay off of me,
Hataz don't get da point,
Cuz they so damn soft 2 me.
I'm almost in my coop,
Nigga step on my brand new shoes,
So I hit that nigga so hard,
Made his ass poop.
I crank up my car, girl wanna c** wit me,
She like my fresh car scent,
What can I say, this my brand new bentley,
I stay fresh, cuz I'm da best,
Nigga tryna be cool,
But so far I'm not impressed,
Cuz we fresh.
New car, new clothes, new money,
Pull so many girls,
Guess I can't just be wit 1 honey.
But at least I try,
I can't help that I'm so fly,
This is djy,
I took somebody girl home,
Little nigga bout 2 cry.
I think I see a teardrop,
I stop my car somewhere private,
And took off her top.
Car bouncin up & down like hydraulics,
Somebody mite wanna wipe da floor wit a mop,
He cryin to death,
Me and his girl wont stop,
So now he have 2 be dyin to death.
His girl drippin, this dude trippin,
I just gave this girl a real fresh whippin! Yeah

[Hook:] Jaquante
We fresh, you not,
So hit da door, this is our spot,
We fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh 2 death.
Nigga get back if you wanna maintain yo health, and aint no way you can take away
Our wealth,
Cuz we fresh... 2x

(Ending) Demetri
Yeah spirydaz entertainment nigga.
Got my nigga jaquante on this, yeah
So fresh.

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