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Dem Franchize Boyz – Pink Tee lyrics

Please say something.... Are you gay?
Not at all____ ok so like why do
People feel like they need to keep
Reinforcing that? Over and over….
Yup in my pink tee (x 3)
What in my pink tee, Huh in my pink tee
Yeah in my pink tee, what in my pink tee
Huh in my pink tee, yeah in my pink tee
What in my pink tee, huh in my pink tee
Yeah in my pink tee, What in my pink tee
Huh in my pink tee.

(Chorus Verse 1)

I look fruity in my pink tee
Weird in my pink tee. People think that I go both
Ways in my pink tee.

(Chorus Verse 2)

I look sweet in my pink tee
Funny in my pink tee, got a purple thong to go
Along with my pink tee, no drawers with my pink tee
Look lame in my pink tee; forget a female I get a man
With my pink tee

(Both choruses x2)

Step on the scene looking lame in a all pink shirt
Why I got this pink on when I’m black like dirt
All the men flirt I even got a pink hat
Girls wanna holla but don’t want none of that
I want me a man with a pink shirt to, so I can kiss him
On the check and say “that’s my boo”. How I wear a
Pink shirt and still feel like a man. Why I get aroused
When I see Killa’ Cam ‘cause

(1st half of verse 1 and 2nd half of verse 2
Then Chorus 2)

This has been a P. S. A. A public screen announcement
From_____ no grown man should wear pink, you look
Stink, pink is the color for newborn baby girls
Would you like your son to wear pink?
If you own a pink shirt take it in the backyard and burn it
Real men don’t wear pink, and if you like getting some
Next time you about to get some, see what color the
Inside of that something is that will show you
That pink is for…(Meow!!!)

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