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Del The Funky Homosapien – Why You Wanna Get Funkee Wit Me? lyrics

A new day was dawning
Yes one more morning
Just stretching and yawning
Picked up my belongings
And call my crew
See what we all can do
Lets go to the mall
The one with the waterfall
And take your fathers car
Although it ain't that far
They got a whole bizarre
Of fly girls up the par
Yeah sounds like a plan
I need a new Walkman
We pass the popcorn stand
And see what we can land
In the land no less
I spot a cutie with guess
And I had on sweats
She looked unimpressed
I said dam you fine
But nothing bout her behind
I said do you have the time, to sit back and chitchat
She said no
You look like a hobo
And with that camouflage shit looking like G I Joe
I said I'm not that broke
And I can buy you a coke
She said this must be a joke
I swear it hurt till she soaked, and shook me off
Like a moth
I said what's the deal with the clothing as long as it's cloth?
Why you wanna get funky wit me?
Slow ya roll a little
Dam you crazy
Girl, why you wanna get funky wit me?
Slow ya roll a little
Dam you crazy
Girl, why you wanna get funky wit me?
Slow ya roll a little
Dam you crazy
Ok she too stuck up
I didn't catch so what?
My partners busting their gut
Getting me straight stuck, on anger
Let her go
Why sweat her so?
Oh fuck you guys
Lets fuck with some fries
At quick stop
Where the chicks pop, up
Lets pop at them
Nigga like a magnum
Next destination
Stop at the gas station
My heart started racing
Saw this cutie who way thin
I stalk like Jason
With no authorisation
I looked her in her face and asked how her day went
And her digits
She said what is this
It's none of your business
I'm shorter than a midget
I fidget
Shit, she asked why are you nervous
I said your curves just, amaze the glaze my eyes ova
I told ya
She said are you sober
Venomous like a cobra
Don't you know that I'm older, than you
And your crew
You do what little boys do
You couldn't deal with this
Then she sealed it with a kiss, yeah
I felt dissed, and my crew is steady laughing
Wen I turn around they act like nothing had happened
Ahhhhhhh hahahahaha
Burn Del, Burn Del
That fool got clowned again man
Shot shot down
Oh here he come, Ok we out Del.
Why you wanna get funky wit me?
Slow ya roll a little
Dam you crazy
Girl, Why you wanna get funky wit me?
Slow ya roll a little
Dam you crazy
Why you wanna get funky wit me?
Hieroglyphics y'all ya don't stop
We got ghost, go fries got us some girls too
The ones with the curl doo
That smell like shampoo
What's up precious?
I likes ya necklace
We doing a show tonight ya might wanna check us
She said your Del I said I know
The one on vinyl
And then she hit a high note
Y'all is Hiero
And where's Pep Lover
I said he on the other, side of town
But her partner had a frown
2 out a 3's cool, it ain't bad
She must not know how to add
She tripping and things
Each finger got rings
We bout to bounce like springs
But she like where my chicken wings?
Cutie like can you sign?
This one time
So you can be on my mind
To remind
I said fine
Tripping partner like who he?
He ain't no one
I know him from Logan
Was now her slogan
They was jocking
She was c*** blocking
They said they gotto take the keeper home block rocking
She said so
Niggas with egos
What you coming out ya face for
I'm a let you know

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