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Debby Ryan – Hey Jessie lyrics

(Chorus)Oh, oh, oh, oh, oooh,
Hey Jessie,
Hey Jessie.
It feels like a party every day,
Hey Jessie,
Hey Jessie.

My whole world is changing, turning around,
They got me going crazy with the shake on the ground,
And I don't want them going down, down down.


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  • k
    I love Jessie. And I love Zuri she is my favorite character from Jessie the song "hey Jessie" is about a girl from Texas who goes to new York to fulfill her dream but she kicked out a taxi and meets some crazy kids, she gets hired as a nanny for two famous actors and pairs up with their butler and takes of the kids zuri is a girl who has lots of imaginary friend, Luke has a crush on Jessie and is miserable, Emma is a girl who loves make up, lots of glitter, clothes and magazines, their butler is a fat lazy man who is hoarder of garbage, Jessie is a very talented person who wants to become an actress in the show.
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  • u
    I love jessie. And I love luke his real name is cameron boyce and one day we'll get married. He's 12 and I'm 12. "hey jessie" is a song about a country girl wanting to fulfill her dream in the big city. She gets kick out to the streets and meets some pretty crazy, but sweet kids. She becomes a nanny for them and doesn't want to ruin the, "let's run around and play" time, but at the same time make sure they are healthy and doing great in school.
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