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Dead World – This Will Hurt Someone lyrics

- We live in a dead world. Dead because you killed it. Not with wars, famine
Or disease - for if anything these are balms to the Earth. Instead you left
Your signature of death by overpopulating this world with a teeming mass of
Mindless, sexless, raceless slaves. You abandoned the highest goal you could
Have aspired to - evolution - and put in it's place a factory for the stupid,
The ignorant, the despicable. And yet you claim we head towards a glorious
Future. It may be full of glory but this will not be the kind which
Bestowsblessings on the meek, for they shall inherit only the iron heel. The
Race wars, hate wars and holy wars of the coming millen-nium will make the
Holocausts of the past look like a walk in the park. Hopefully you'll be ther
To fulfill your role as victim, as despite the delusions you pay lip service
To, that is what you are at the core. You can take your liberty, equality and
Brotherhood and flush them down the drain of this so-called "civilization".
Your progress is a lie and your society an eyesore. You are slaves in chains
In the galley of the ship named humanity. Call yourselves united, call
Yourselves brothers...
But when the ship sinks you'll crush your most beloved to death in order to
Save your own dysgenitic hide. - But ther is one noble path; a proper finish
For your miserable existence. Admit your failure, wallow in the despair. Let
It iluminate the only way to give your life meaning. Pick up the revolver and
Slide the barrel between your lips. Enjoy the sharp metallic taste. Warm the
Cold steel with your tongue. Press the end into the roof of your mouth and
Hold it there. Now let me do the rest ... alas, if only you all had one
Collective mouth and my finger was on that trigger.
- I won't hesitate for a second, although you probably deserve a much slower
Form of extermination. This will hurt someone, and hopefully this is only the

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