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Dead Prez – Cop Shot lyrics

Remake* of bdp's "black cop" (sound

of 41 gunshots) Pump

pump pump All
malcolm x massive (revolution
man hold tight soldier) All
rudeboy hold, tight (m-1)

shot cop, shot cop, shot cop, shot Keep
shooting my people We,
will shoot back Me
bring the m-1 You
bust the glock Ra-ta-bum-bum
you like that 1-8-7
pon undercover cop Another
dead pig Knocked
straight off my block Cop
shot cop, shot Cop,
shot Black
cop White,
cop All,
cop (stic

Man). Every
police is a punk a b** h***This
is for my n s****in the streets Getting
frisked Gun
to your head Handcuffs
on your wrists Everywhere
we at We
gotta start to resist Black
po' people Get
no justice The
courts the, judge And,
the jury is fixed Every
ghetto you go Sick,
of this s titThrow
up your fist If
you sick of this s tit(m-1)

only good cop is a dead cop Police
brutality Must
come to a stop Dem
kill latinos Dem
kill more black Luima
in brooklyn Diallo,
in the bronx We
spark rebellion Watch,
them get rocked Self-defense
is not a violent act Police
murder Budget
get cut back Guilliani
send his troops to attack They
soon retreat Watch
them run back Cop

shot cop, shot cop, shot Cop
shot cop, shot cop, shot Buck

buck, buck, buck, buck, (stic

Man). These
ghetto eyes of mine Ain't
blind no more I'm
getting ready For
guerilla war 'cause
it's coming Y2k
computer glitch Start
running 'cause,
you the snitch You
can catch two in yo s-t I'm
not a sellout Let
every n anusin a cell out I
don't hate playas I
hate the mayors And
the police commissioners Governors
and senators Turning
my people Into
junkies and prisoners I
rock For
the folks that's locked To
break that lock It
feel good when I
hear jake got shot We
can take this block If
you really want it Call
the people's army If
you really on it I
seen enough s titTo
turn your heart cold Life
is like walking Barefoot
on hot coals (m-1)

a government policy No:
justice No,
democracy (uunnnggghhh)
a modern day slavery Fire
pon all country [ ]?Cop

shot cop, shot cop, shot cop, shot Black
cop white, cop all cop Whoop

Whoop! That's!
the sound of the beast Dying
?? ? in the street Lick
a shot at No? ?
justice no, peace The!

real To. all my n s****in the field All
rudebwoy lick, a shot Hold! tight Something!

real for your radio (____ )?We
keep it raw for your video (ya can't test it) Dp's
in your stereo Motherf-kers
don't hear me though (woman's

voice "hooo" repeatedly) Buck
buck, buck, buck

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