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David Lindley – David Lindley - From The Album El Rayo X lyrics


Am / / /
There's a quarter of a man in the market
F / / /
With a quarter of a car so its easy to park it
Am / / F
He gets to the counter he saves what he can
Am / / F
But he only saves a quarter he's a quarter of a man


Now this quarter of a man he got fired

The next damn day he got hired hired

The only thing wrong with this plan

He only gets a quarter he's a quarter of man

Am Em C G Am
Every day he's on the street
Am Em C G Am
Too few quarters to live or to eat
Am Em C G Am
He's so little the people all stare
But he only pays a quarter fare
Am F

Now the quarter of a man's on vacation

But he still gets his ration

When he gets to the market he pays what he can

But he only pays a quarter he's a quarter of a man


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    Great stuff! You made the lyrics for a song I wrote, and only fitting as it's about cheezy guitars. (when I show this to my band it may get gonged.) i'll give you another, also;.
    David lindley had this red-sparkle supro, with its double lip-stick tube pick-ups-
    & it comes with the magnatone amp he played it through, and would turn the tremalo up to get the sound he loves-
    he'd get drunk, leave it out all night, it'd rain, they'd both dry out & be alright. He'd say let's jam & gimme a beer! - &
    I buy all my guitars, amps and gear at. Shoot! Even had a woman once that bought her heart at sears. The next of six-
    this sun-burst tiesco del-ray was once owned by steve earle-
    you can see where he'd put his lit cigarette on it while he played, yup, right there. -
    he'd always said, that he'd buy it back, so if you ever get strapped for cash-
    and if you told'm you were against the death-penalty too, I betcha he'd sign it on the back. Hello david, I'm a nobody from nowhere, only known by some, and my songs are known by less than one. Except my band and when our cd's done, we hope that changes and we sell some! When girls come it's more fun, and when they leave we're done! Trite. I'm chas, to say I made a living at this once might have lightning come right through my roof, but I'm ready to start working the trenches again. I enjoy your work, and if you (i think you would) want to hear the other verses (one turned into a 2nd chorus, another into the intro, and yes I'm long, thus prone to be gonged. 616-8872356.
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