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David Casper – Witches Brew lyrics

Crept out of bed last night
And I saw The strangest site
There in the darkness, what I saw just blew my mind
Under a cloak of black
And a pointed witch's hat
I saw a face that made a chill run down my spine
She looked me in the eye
She must have hypnotized me
Cause the next thing I remember I was there
Standing in her lair
Watching as she stirred
And then she looked at me and she said these words

Eye of newt, and a wing of bat
And a long black whisker from a big black cat
Spider legs and wolf hound fur
Bring to a boil andd stir
Add posion ivy with a hemlock root
And a thread from the collar of a vampire suit
Guaranteed with your money back too
But be careful when you mess with witch's brew

So I asked her why she brought me here
She said I only wanna help you dear
You want somebody and you wish she wanted you
Well I can make it sure
I've got the perfect cure
Just take my potion and she'll fall in love with you
One, drop is all it takes
Guaranteed to make her crazy in love
But you, becareful what you use
Too much can be dangerous
(I don't care I'm ready for attraction)


I met her in the park
Just a few minutes after dark
We got to talking and that's when I made my move
I took the potion, bitter
Suddenly something hit her
She turned to me, her eyes grew wide
And then she told me
I looked at you before
What have I been missin'
(Then we closed are eyes and started kissin')
Ooh, next thing I did see
Made me want to scream
It was the Witch's face lookin' back at me

Chorus (X2)

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