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Dave Chappelle – I Wrote This Song In 94 lyrics

Listen close as life turns it's pages
Makaveli here kickin rhymes for the ages
See things is changin
Wise words spoken by sages
From Skytel to Blackberry pagers
Your crew don't phase us
We'll make you busters pay us
Run up in yo spot like cj from San Andreas

I wrote this song a long time ago
A real long time ago, feel me
I wrote this song a long time ago
It was the dopest song I ever wrote, in 94

What can a nigga do
When half the people voted for George W
It a trip.
Cause George W can't be true
Its over, cause he's a snitch
I'm talking bout George W Smith
From city council
He ran in 93 out in Oakland.
You probably didn't hear about it.

I wrote this song a long time ago
A real long time ago
Way before Slim Shady was in demand
Way before we dropped bologna on Afganistan
I wrote this song in 94
I'm not doing this

Look around the club see everyone in the place
Showing Pac love and a smile on my face
The girl in the miniskirt has bad taste
Cause that shirt don't match
There's a pudding stain on the back
What the fuck is that?
It might be doo doo

You in the back you aint the shit
You bought a gin and tonic but you didn't even tip
And if you hit this table one more time then the record might skip might skip
I told you stop hitting the table

I wrote this rhyme in 1994
I'm not alive
Thug life
Dave Chappelle that aint yo wife
Damn kids
Go home!

I wrote this song a long time ago
A real long time ago
Way before Beanie Sigel had to do a bid
Way before Dave Chappelle had 2 kids
Don't give him no coochie

Dj: 2Pac rest in peace
2Pac: okay I will!

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