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Dance Gavin Dance – Thug City lyrics

First it's the casting call, but I'm playing basketball
My wife she notifies that I missed a call on my phone
Now why are you snooping, when you should be cooking
If you read my texts one more time!

If you fill the pageant bowl I will be masterful
Well full of liquid comedy, namaste, your baller bag is on it's way
Red full of lexicons, polishing megatron
If you beat the ho, you tell your bros, I need this yo!

Stop! And don't panic, I've got a plan, let's both pretend you didn't; take that one night stand, ooooohhhh ooooh ooooooh.
So hide your face, ha collect your things; This is what we call the walk of shame
Oh pretty lady, I know the cost at the gate, you're almost there

Next it's the pinnacle of me being cynical
Can I be the lynch pin compelling to judge a lottery
Baggy and awfully, bumpy and blistery, brutally homeless and fluffy

Hey there pretty girl, I'm already in your head
Hey there pretty girl, I'm already in
Hey there pretty girl, don't hide what's inside
Hey there pretty girl, don't hide what's inside

Lift your head for the last time,
Lift it higher and higher and high
How can you love what you can't see
How can you love what you can't touch
How can you love what you can't see
How can you love what you can't touch

So nice so nice to meet you

(Pan right distorted part)
I tell them personal tastes are fine
We've been over this a million times
You'll never unhinge those biased chromosomes alone

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    Calaman-Hall Kayvon
    The starting of it. The first two verses are him yelling at his wife/Gf and threatening her. Then another part of the song, he saying to pretty much act like nothing happened. And lastly, the song goes "Hey there pretty girl, i'm already in your head" In many abusive relationships, the abused often feels like they can't leave because that person will always remain in their minds, making them afraid of damn near everything. I'd know. That's just what makes sense to me.
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