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Dance Gavin Dance – Happiness lyrics

(feat. Tony Tataje of American Me)

Drowning in the lake!
I only left her for
A couple of seconds.

And now she's gone.

Waking up for what?
As I pace back and forth.
Maybe it's time to move away.
But what would that prove anyway?

Listening to the answering machine,
Over and over.
Only to hear your voice one more time.
Just one more time!

"It's not your fault"
That's what they all keep saying.
Blaming my sight,
There's nothing left.
Why do I bother praying?

Beg me for directions,
Like I have all the answers.
I neglected her life,
So now what,
What do I do with mine?

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    It seems the speaker's girlfriend left him because he neglected her, and he's really depressed about it. He's afraid to move on and is constantly looking back at the times he spent with her. He's losing interest in life. Everyone's saying it isn't his fault, yet he knows it is no matter what they say. The song's title may also suggest that he's wearing a false smile to hide how he really feels.
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    It's really sad but amazing I think it is about his girlfriend and he really loved her and he didn't appreciate her life and she was dying
    which I believe is "drowning in the light" and ran to get help or something and when he came back she was dead now he lies in bed pondering why he should even get up without her so now I believe he is paceing in the church and thinking about moving on but saying that wont help he will never forget her so he listens to her answering machine just to hear her voice one more time but he can't let go. Everybody is telling it's not his fault and he is blaming him self and saying there is nothing worth living for anymore he is saying people are asking him for directions in life as if he has all the answers and now he is flirting with the thought of suicide.
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