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Dana Dane – We Wanna Party lyrics

D: Herb wassup
H: Dana where you been
D: Yo the limo came late man I just stepped in
H: Well lets start this show the people's gettin upset
Tell 'em what this be
D: Okay Herb, bet

Let this be the reason for all man kind
Your taste buds will just love our well-seasoned rhymes
That I recite on the mic making you get hyper than
You've ever been cause I'm Dane I'm on the mic again
Rappin up a storm (aw come on)
yo herb (huh) tell 'em what's goin on
Now what we have here is the best jam of the year
Top security for your assurity I swear
Me and Dana is maxin hard (cold chillin)
If you wanna flirt fly girls we're willin
Who me? I'm Herb B love but word see...
I've been rappin for years, but no one's heard me rhyme
Because I spent most of my time producin other groups
But now I'm goin for mine
Now you'll dance (glide) you'll move with pride
And you don't stop movin even though you try
You wont (you cant) you'll huff (and pant)
And we want more (we'll be your chant)
So you'll wait (you hos) while I you scope
Prayin for another rhyme that's just as dope
But you're tired (waxed) bored hit is the facts
Just like s** you want your climax
And sure as I'm Dana Dane with fame
When it comes you'll know it came
Cause a sigh of satisfaction will be exhaled
Now all at once you all will yell

We wanna party, we wanna party
(We wanna party, we wanna party)
I said we wanna party, we wanna party
(We wanna party, we wanna party)

Yes we're gonna party if ya like it or not
I don't care if you're tired or burnin hot
Dana Dane and I came here to drop
(Dope def rhymes on the spot)
In effect, you can bet, two great poets
And my man Clark Kent on the dj set
Yes we're gonna party till you're out of breath
And the drums seem like its gonna beat ya to death
Have ya screamed or hollered throughout this show
(Yo are we gonna party) Now Herb you know
We'll make them dance ('till their legs get weak)
But they'll still refuse to go grab a seat
Party hard (G) and that we will
And there'll be no reason, for you to get ill
Cold drinks at the bar, sounds up to par
And for your entertainment we are you stars
Now I like juice and alcohol
And I wanna little feed back from you all

Say we wanna party, we wanna party
(We wanna party, we wanna party)
I said we wanna party, we wanna party
(We wanna party, we wanna party)

[transcribed by Doug Harple - harple31@npeeserv. Eelab. Newpaltz. Edu - 6/17/95

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