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Damaged – Passive Backseat Demon Engines lyrics

Righteous psychoticness, painting a
Portrait of pain open out, spilificate,
With the weight of distress feeling
Gutless you stain can't do anything
Fuck up.

Appetites building persistence,
Resisting temp fate, block the line? Spill
It out 'till it stops run as fast as you can
Show anonymous victims to free
Falling flight

Basking in pools of the
Bleeding, suppliers, desires turn passive
Back seat demon engines, run fueled by
Persistence, extinction drives reasons
Away from pure life.

Falling free down beside, underneath
Where it hides disbelief as can be, as
Machine bleeding free, killed by
Satayagrahi now it's free being me
Barely woken, awake-up

Lust in psychoticness tainting that
Urge, restraint, taunting tamed by
Beating time beat time blockout
Memory blank history face, time and
Place, kill, forget, erase compiled
Complex of regret deny what's felt as
Soul as second thought kill as in the

Lust in psychoticness, urge restraints,
Taunt the sane, block time, wipe out
Nothing ever mattered, limil keeps, find
Away, silence pays, hear'n say.

Born bonded blood of the murder
Messiah, suppliers fill bloated
Ovulation, spun shells of the new born
Submission to social stigmatyrs for

Rotting in the heart of retrospect
Of anxiousness erect 2 disconnect
To disconnect the self from memory
And animate the cells re-energy
Survive, revive
Stimulating life, immortalize.
The inner selfish victimized,
Contradictory self, please the enemy.

What has ever mattered will it benefit
An end, all that's gave, unorchestered
Assimilator shedding free another
O' skin
Slicing thru digging out the rot of
Incapacity's inadequacies
Cut into umbilicalous parasitic life
Locked into / re repethion / that

Beating out the will of rhetorical
Overkill, brought down hard
Scold, benevolent, will it ever matter,
Nothing's ever relevant.

Disconnecting human energy,
Wasting ammunition on respect
Tap into another source of X.
Why, suicide is birth and life is death
(of memory) the punishment's a self
Inflicted gripe
Imitator, pistol type
Contradict, survive, bleed the enemy.

Nothings / ever / mattered / will it
Benefit the end

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