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Dalvin Degrate – More Than Friends lyrics

You know it's funny
It's like the girl that you really
Least expect to end up with
The one that you really kinda overlook
Is like the girl you gon' end up with
Ya know what I'm sayin'?
It's funny man, ya know what I mean?
All these years I been seein' honey
Hangin' out with her
I never thought I'd end up with her
I never thought I'd have feelings for her
Ya know what I mean?
Heh, stevie, let's tell 'em

1 - can't you understand
I wanna be more than friends
So baby don't pretend
That we can't fall in love
Promise I'll satisfy
Each and every night
Believe I want to love you girl

All your girls used to come and hang around
Even though I played a few, that ain't how I get down
All my life I wished my dream came true
Dreams of fallin' in love
I think I'm feelin' you

Repeat 1

Wonder why I sent you roses on saturday night
I was home thinkin'
Havin' some wine, feelin' fine
And cupid came along and sat down by my side
That's when I realized
I need you in my life
Oh girl

Repeat 1

Can't you see
I waited patiently
Until you came around
And now I found
That one for me
Ooh baby

(got me kickin' and movin' all around)
Yo, yo
(got me kickin' and movin' all around)
(got me kickin' and movin' all around)
(got me kickin' and movin' all around)
Oh oh ohh

Repeat 1

(can't you understand)
Understand, oh, understand
(baby don't pretend that we can't fall in love)
Fall in love, satisfy
(each and every night)
Every night
(believe I want to love you girl)

So now you see where I'm comin' from baby?
(got me kickin' and movin' all around)
Hopin' you, uh, just wanna love you love
Every day, in the morning, late at night baby
Uh (love you, love you)
Yeah, uh, yeah yeah
(got me kickin' and movin' all around)

Early in the morning (love you, love you)
In the middle of the day baby (love you)
Late at night sugar, ooh wee yeah
(love you, love you)
Satisfy my baby, uh
(I want to love you girl)

Repeat 1 w/ ad-libs to fade

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