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Da Beatminerz – Let's Talk About It (T.R.O.Y. Remix) (feat. Krumbsnatcha) (Outro) lyrics

Feat. Krumbsnatcha, David Banks
[Evil Dee]
Wig, this one's for you kid!!

[Baby Paul]
Rest in peace to my possum in Marl's
Who's names I wear on my bare arms
And rest in peace to my sister
And my brothers at heart, Rich and Pete
Love P. H. E.

The respect, [?]
Rest in peace, Squares, Lil' Q

[David Banks]
Reminiscing and thinkin 'bout the good times
Oh when, you were here {*scratching "Rest in Peace"*}
Oh let's talk about it, talk about it
Uhh yeaa, let's talk about it, talk about it, yeeaa
"Peace..peace" <-- krs-One

For every bulletshell that fly, or raindrop drip from the sky
Tears from the universal eye
Gunshots and needles, the problem of my people
How fate can meet you, behind the next desert eagle
We celebrate life like it's close to our death
Teachin all the seeds, with every strength in my breath
Pour my thoughts out and let it spill on the paper
Wrenchin my heart for every word, I stress in major
Like a drug dealer paranoid on point
Sendin kites to my dawgs locked in the joint
Does this world know me, cause right now I'm lonely
Pourin liqour for my homies, somebody show me
Big L, Stretch, and Tah, all gifted
Trouble, Big Buff, plus my man Scientific
Long live the martyrs of this game, embracin your names
May you be sheltered from the flames, God bless!

[David Banks]
Mmmmm, let's talk about it, talk about it
Yeeaaa, mmm, let's talk about it, talk about it
{*scratching "Rest in Peace"*}
Yeeeaaaaa! Baby listen
Reminiscing and thinkin 'bout the good times
Oh when, you were here
"Peace..peace" <-- krs-One


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