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D Money Pros – The Nard Dog lyrics

"Dude have you seen my hair straightener?
It's like I worked all freaking day and now my hair really needs it and I can't even find it.
It's like we're gonna be late for the show"

"Nah man you can definitely use mine, uhh... I just gotta use it first and I have to get it out of my car and then you can use it, but I

Gotta get it outta my car first... But anyways you should definitely buy that synth man, we can definitely use you in the band"

"What? What? Are you serious? What? What? What!"

Your scene he's scene she's scene get scene I've seen the scene, scene banger

You know me?
It's D Money Pros out fresher than the fruit at your local produce
Grabbing word for word with a noose
Making you choke on these words where your breath count becomes reduced
Abuse to my fuse it's short
Now sweat, recover, drink some juice

Now to introduce formally lyrically hysterically
Thinking of your remembering me?
Remember me?
It's different from what I am when you originally first thought of me
And I'm still lively in the setting of the two step and the mosh pit
Beat or breakdown open up to love all of it

Alright you little scene bangers
Get them deep V's out and flare them chest pieces
It's D-M-P

Your scene he's scene she's scene get scene I've seen the scene, scene banger

Pound click boom
Our heats are one synced metronome
Lyrics that hit home
Ink them lyrics from your favorite band
Whether it's a rhyme or words saving your weeping ass from your friend
It could be a beat that drops your jaw or a brutal riff that rips your face off

Back in '99 attending Warped Tour and loving it
Mathers to Blink
Music that's it and nothing matter
Nothing but motivation to keep my hopes and dreams from being shattered
Here's some music scene banger
It's like your personal friggen cold cut platter

"Dude that show was sooo awesome... did you see me in the pit out there? I was totally tearing it up... man we're such scene bangers"

A diversity to look around to everyone and give the nods
A day in the life of the scene just trying to beat the odds
I'm beating the odds to get a nod
I'm luring you in with my rod
You dig? Grab your jersey there's plenty of room on my squad

Your scene he's scene she's scene get scene I've seen the scene, scene banger

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