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D-Bamz – Run This Town lyrics

Yeah, Huh
You Are Now Rocking With The Best
Rebel Music In The Building Ain’t Like The Rest
You Are Now Rocking With The Best
D-Bamz’s The Name Ain’t Nothing Like The Rest

Shijuwala Shijuwala Shijuwala Sun, Ahn Won Gbe
Shijuwala Shijuwala Shijuwala Sun, Ahn Gombe
File! Gbagbe Oshi
Eibody Talking Mehn Na Bullshit
File! Gbagbe Oshi
Eibody Talking Mehn Na Bullshit
Why You Come Dey Form Because Say I Be Yoruba o
Don’t You Know We Run The Game Because We Are Endowed
Every time I Come Around I’m Bussin Em Down
Said I’m Bussin Em Down
Man, I Run This Town

Welcome To The Rebel Of The Underground Yeah
Guaranteed it's Goin Down Right Here
You Can Find Me In The Jungle And It Rocks Down Here
Ain’t Nobody Telling We Don’t Give A Fuck Around Here
I’ll Be Riding With No Faker Better Gimme Room
Rebels In The Building You Know What We Finna Do
Bangs Eiwhere Boom Shakalaka Boom
Eibody Wanna Fams Cuz I’m Getting Money Too
You Treat Em Like They R New But We Don Rock Dem Die
You Can Ask Em In MY Hood I Run The Block My Guy
Said He’s Tryna Test A Rebel Like Me Nah Die
I Don’t Look Over My Shoulders I’m A G My Guy
I’m Too Hood To Be Looking Too Good
Too Thugged Up To be Acting Too Cool
To Smoked Up To Be Acting Too Rude
I Don Ran A Hundred Miles Can You Fit In These Shoes


Verse 2
I’ll Be Banging On The Beat All The Way Down To Ghana
And My Girl’s Like Rihanna And We R Smoking On Some Gbana
That’s Life In The Tropical Savannah
D-Boi Chilling Ain’t Rocking With No Drama
I Go By D Dot B To The A M Z
Can’t No Motherfuckin Emcee Test Me
Rocking In Arenas And We Popping Them Things
E Get AS E Want Be If You Want Beat Jet Li
I Don’t Even Know What The Fuck That Means
All I’m Tryna Say Is I’m The Man Of The Year
Ain’t Here To Parley With Nobody Get That Clear
I’m Just Here To Get The Money Where’s The Bank Right Here
I’m Too Hot To Be Rocking No Ice
Eithing Gold And My Whip Game Tight
Presidential Suite And My Speech Game’s Tight
She’s A Super freak Yeah I Got Her Rick James Type


Verse 3
Behold They Called Me An Animal
Ama Eat All These Suckers Ain’t No Cannibal
Because I Lay Low They Think Ain’t Goin Ride No More
Well I’m Back On My Grind Ain’t Goin Back More
Rolling In This Bitch 20 Deep I’m A Real Thugga
All Em Niggaz Keep Talking Shit Where Them Mo’fuckers
Stunting And I Still Ain’t 23 I’m A Real Problem
You Can Find Me Down In Mo’city Where I’ll Be Poppin

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