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D.A.Y. – IDGAF lyrics

Feat. Swateezy And Apollo

I don't give a fuck, give a fuck
I don't give a fuck, give a fuck
I don't give a fuck, give a fuck
I don't give a fuck, give a fuck
Middle fingers up, I don't give a fuck
So peep game
Middle fingers up, I don't give a fuck
Cuz we aint fuckin with these lames

If money talks, then I'm a translator
Tough skin, my skin tougher then sand paper
I got nann hater, just a buncha jealous rebellious
Overzealous, we the shit, the smell us
Life's a beach how they shell us
Gettin green no relish
Cross the team we bring boys to your yard no kelis
We don't listen to what they tell us
It's magic how your ex spell us
They sickle, no matter how hard they try they can't out cell us
We excell, rush, bust lyrical shots at ya head
Your career over but we takin shots at the dead
If you still sleepin on me I'm sendin shocks to your bed
I'm a farmer cuz I put c*** in her hen
I won't stop, till I drop, you see I do it for my kin
Cuz my Youngins gotta eat, and my momma need a Benz
Jacco need to see his son again, the slip bitch you betta know we runnin shiiiit


I don't fuck wit a lot of niggas cuz a lot of niggas tell lies
When you see me you see me nigga look in my eyes
I'm the truth no lie living life so muthafuckin high
Chillin wit my fellow novas till the day I muthafuckin die
I remember everyday me and swateezy grindin
We tried to put some niggas on but they went to hidin
On some game shit, in my eyes nigga that's some bitch shit
One day you reppin slip shit next day you on some me shit
Real recognize real I heard that before
But real niggas wanna come back when you bout to blow
I done said a million times I'm Apollo
Fuck wit me just for one night I'll make her swallow
Got the pussy so wet made my bed shallow
And when I'm done she sleeping good like the sleepy hollows
Nwo that's the rule they follow
Nova gang nuffsaid that's the clique they follow nigga


[D. A. Y]
F. You. C. K I don't.
Give ah fuck yes I kno.
My kicks is white, my bitch is white,
But my whip is albino.
Check my bio, it'll say I'm psycho.
And I'm prolly witcho bitch,
And her head on point no rhinooo.
Yall kno that we the truth you can check the stat's.
I kno we chasin after cheese, but we don't fuck with rats.
We tryna get these stacks, make sure our family straight.

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