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Curious Lil' Jay – Hcw lyrics

[Curious Lil' Jay]
Boom, Boom, What cha'll talkin bout
Yea these girl hott without a dought
I'm Mr. Mischief with a trick up my sleeve
Whats wrong with you, still don't beleive
I don't get why these idiots wont listen
Ya'll jus don't understand what cha'll missin'
Are you superman can you see through me
Jus cuz I was outside her window up a tree
Don't mean I'd lie to you
What I say it be true
So you betta belive and not be blue
These chicks be sweet as sugar
But they can be mean like Freddy Cruger
Till I see a gurl I don't like in this paradise
I'm uh press my luck and roll this dice
So bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce
I said c'mon bounce
Everybody in the place with a half an ounce.......
Not beer I meant jack daniels shank sit down
We don't bullshit, better ask around
Cls throws tha bombs holdin' up da town
A-dawg, your gurl is passing out
Get her ass on the couch 'fore she crashes out

[Tiny Rod & A-dawg]
Smuck that, someone help Pebbles(pudgey?)
He's upstairs naked with a weapon drawn
Hey Frith
You see me stepping on these leprechauns?
I think I danced too much
I think its time for lunch
Is this what its like when you'are in a perfect paradise
See all these s*** chicks dressed up like mice
Well if this is where I'm sposed to be
How come I don't feel like I'm happ-e
I mean all the hunnies yea that's cool
Who wouldnt want 13 (playboy)bunnies in a pool
Well then whats wrong with you A?
I dunno Tiny today just aint my day

Curious Lil' Soldiers
Just 4 of us
We still all brothers
But all the ladies love us
Just shake it fast
And have a blast
Now say my name
Yea that's my game

[Curious Lil' Jay]
Hey girls I'm sorry to say but I'm all broke
(Curious what'd you say no more money?)
No girls that just my lil' joke.......
Saw a hott lil' chick the other day
She said to my brother by the way
Do you have sum fries to go with that shake
He said baby you'are so hott you could bake my cake
But I thought to myself with all this luck
Sum how sum way you people still make life suck
Ya'll goinna turn me back to the ol' Jay
The Jay that don't give a smuck what ya'll say
Bustin out with rymes about tha haters
Yea I'm talkin about cha'll damn traitors

Well Its 3 in tha mornin and tha party still jumpin
I've partied all damn night and the base is still buzzin
And I aint goinna stop, no, no neva goinna stop
Not even when I hit tha floor and flat out drop
But theres this one hoe thought she could bring
So I put in her face and started to sing
You thought you broke my heart
But I knew you'are game frum da start
I saw you'are game and played it too
Now look hoe tha jokes on you!!!!!!

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