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Curbsquirrels – London Fire lyrics

September Second sixteen sixty six.
"Fire, Fire," jane yells from downstairs.
Go back to sleep I think nothing at all
And I wake up at seven o'clock.

I go to see what the comotion's about.
Three-hundred houses are burned to the ground.
Crowded streets packed to the max
With people who's houses are now ashes.

Fire Fire, the city is gone.
It's too late now the fire has won.
The whole city has burned down to the ground
And there's nothing we can do about it now.

Doesn't worry me too much I live far away.
They'll stop it soon enough in less than a day.
Hop in the boat to see what's going on.
It's getting late it's turning to dawn.
I tell the king to pull the houses down.
The king tells me to go to the mayor.
The mayor orders them to pull it down,
But no one hears them at all.

My plans have changed now the fire is close.
I sent my money down to sir Rider's house.
I don't know what to do, I think I'll pick up my things.
I started packing and it took me all day.

Two o'clock in the morning
My wife calls me up and tells me it's coming close.
The fire's reached the barking church,
Which stands at the end of my land.
I need to hide all my gold now.
I locked it up and told them not to leave the room.

It missed my house! Yippee!
The fire has missed my house!

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