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Crumbsuckers – Connection lyrics

Young and innocent
Unknowing and naive
This is the perfect target
For her to deceive
Instilling such a fear
Destroying young perception
Creating the connection
Between women and deception

Something in those...
Told me you would...
She always leaves her mark
Her plan works out so well
She takes you by the hand
And drags you through her hell
Something in those eyes!

At the start it seemed so perfect
It felt like a dream
But time reveals those hidden defects
She wasn't quite as cool as she first seemed
Her hug becomes a strange hold
And eyes of blue turned hard and cold
A hand to hold was hard to find
The sweetest smile hid the evil mind

Got a hunger for a feeling
Are you capable of a warm embrace?
Close my eyes, you're not
Concentrate and rearrange your face
Got a need you can feed
My hated lover, I feel so out of place
You produce and I consume
But love, well babe, not a trace

Those eyes... Kill me
Your eyes... Kill me

When you're screaming and complaining
I've got the power to change the mood
Gonna bring you down, make you rise above
Got the motions, just don't got the love

Those eyes... Kill me
Your eyes... Kill me

I'm not strong, just broken hearted
Memories last so long
Still the same since she's departed
Some say, "Time heals wounds"
Well, I'm still bleeding
They're full of shit
So much time has passed
But this pain just won't quit

Got to meet you once more
So you'll realize
Just what you have created
As I kill you with these eyes

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