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Crumbsuckers – B.O.M.B. (Beast On My Back) lyrics

I've made a few mistakes
Don't think I'll ever live them down
I'm a prisoner of guilt
To my past forever bound

To follow the straight and narrow was always on my
But I let my guard down, I tripped the line
Never ever thought I would take a fall
Didn't think it would happen, no I was too strong

Forever haunted by a beast on my back
Deceitful temptation, a planned attack
I'm a victim of the evil one
Can't turn around, live my life on the turn
My mind's plagued with guilt
'Til the day I die
I want to live a better life
Believe me I try
Prayed that the past would soon disappear
No matter how hard I try
My memory is clear

The wicked law prevails
Intentions have turned sour
Intensity of evil grows
Stronger by the hour

Once again I've lost my balance
And stumbled to the ground
Will I ever be free?
How long shall I be bound?

I despise the vice I worship
Hope it's not too late
A weak and spineless victim
Doing what I hate

Temptations - seize me and I become a slave
Succumbing - to human nature
No man can save me!

Beast on my back
In agony I dwell
Beast on my back
This is a living hell

I've felt this way before
So empty inside
Trust the promises of the world
To find out that they've lied
The nightmare is now over
The scars shall never fade
Etched into my memory
Are the mistakes that I have made

What a wretched being
Such unease!
Trapped within this shell of death
Rescue me!
Alas! The spirit of life
Freed from sin!
The fight is not yet over
But we'll win!

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