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Crooked Lettaz – Get Crunk (feat. Pimp C) lyrics

F/ Pimp C

(Pimp C-talking)

Hold up, Sweet Jones, 64 dollar cologne bitch

Smellin good, leather and wood, feelin on somethin

Know what I'm talkin 'bout, check it out

(Pimp C)

Sweet Jones, in a foreign car, shinin like a muthafuckin superstar

I'm sippin the bar, grippin the grain

I got 17 karats in my piece a chain

I been a young pimp nigga since I was a kid

Mama would be 'shamed of all the things I did

Like cookin the stones and bustin caps out the 'rome

I keep a chip in my phone and put key domes in ya home

I'm the trillest of the trill, you the fakest of the fake

Pussy-ass niggas in the club tryna playa hate

While I'm standin here draped in diamonds

I ride with made niggas, some choppin on blade niggas

Survive enemies, Mississippi get paid niggas

They lay ya lup in ya lap, and let the pistol dome clap

And it ain't all about this rap shit bitch nigga

Handle the business with the muthafuckin chrome trigga

(Chorus-Pimp C)

Now if you heard what I said then get crunk, get crunk

Now if you heard what I said then get crunk, get crunk

Now get buck, now get buck

And pop ya pussy if you don't give a fuck

Now if you heard what I said then get crunk, get crunk

Now if you heard what I said then get crunk, get crunk

Now get buck, now get buck

And pop ya pussy if you don't give a fuck


Sweet done analyzed the game, now he taught me the shit

I get some golds in my mouth, platinum game I spit

Pimp done told me 'Vel, these niggas ain't nothin but hoes'

'You make most of ya cheese off production and shows'

See it's all good, lift up ya seat, don't piss on the wood

If these niggas feelin froggy, let 'em come to the hood

It's all gravy daddy, get crunk, get crunk

Talk shit bitch, and get stomped, get stomped

Big Crump in Baton Rouge and?? In P. A.

I hit moms with 10 grand, now I got money to make

I watch it bubble and shake, choppin lyrical cakes

Niner-Ross on my side, for these busters and fakes



Don't ever talk to police, don't let 'em know just where you sleep

And watch them killas 'cause they creep

And won't believe that thugs get deep

If I said it then I did it, if I speaks it then I live it

And early Christmas we gon' gets it,

'cause me and C we 'bout to spit it

???? Partner, but I'm not, tryna cypher what I got

To get this shit, it keeps it hot

Then sell it back to make this knot

You sons a bitches ain't gon' last, tryna pocket all that hash

Can't even launder all your cash, 'cause you gon' swander on some ass

I'm like pimps say, it's hatin goin on in P. A.

But shit them same hatin niggas is on them streets where I stay

We go from Jackson back Texas, want some action come and check us

Got that love then come and bless us,

Think we soft then come and test us

Just us trill southern niggas, you brought you that bouncin jump

So on your left is Mr. Franklin, on your right is Mr. Crump

Dump them niggas in the trunk, ugk smokin on skunk

Crooked Lettaz ain't no punk, we hit yo city, get it crunk

And ain't not pimp without no hoe, ain't no show without my dough

You try to floss but know you poor, 'cause you's a rapper with no flow

So I'm a tell you out the door, ladies don't look if you's a crow

Nigga's don't speak if you's a hoe,

You got the sweet, nigga let's blow and get crunk

[Chorus:] 2x

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