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Crimson Moon – Raise The Horns Of Battle lyrics

Raise the battle-axe unto their skulls in the bliss of spilling blood on enemy soil.
Towards the synagogue, with thirst for Semite blood...
From a trail of churches Burning.

Under the Haunting Moon, with sword in hand I ride
And I exalt the horns of battle towards the sky.
I slay the souls of the Jesuit creed, and bathe in their curdled blood.

Forsaken, their armies fell. Those who died did not die a quick death.
They would drown in their brother's blood, at my feet upon battle ground.
Victory shall be ours, as we march to battle drums.

[conjuration to Lucifer]
Lucifer - ouyar - chameron - aliseon -
Mandousin - premy - oriet - naydrus
Esmony - eparinesont - estiot - dumosson -
Danochar - casmiel - hayras - fabelleronthon -
Sodirino - peatham - come, lucifer, amen.

I conjure thee demon lords, I conjure thee to come forth in Battle!

[Conjuration to Beelzebub]
Beelzebub - lucifer - madilon - solymo -
Adricanorom - martiro - timo - cameron -
Phorsy - metosite - prumosy - dumaso - elivisa -
Alphrois - fubentronty - come, beelzebub, amen.

[Conjuration To Astaroth]
Astraroth - ador - cameso - valuerituf -
Mareso - lodir - cadomir - aluiel - calniso -
Tely - pleorim - viordy - cureviorvas - cameron -
Vesturiel - vulnavii - benez - meus - calmiron -
Noard - nisa - chenibranbo - calevodium - brazo -
Tabrasol - come, astaroth, amen.

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