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Craw – Table For 2 lyrics

So I'm at the restaurant,
About to break bread with this dirty mother fucker,
I hate this dude - I swear to god man,
He sits down and starts running his mouth,
And I'm like, yo, yo, hold up
Let me break this shit down for your real quick,
I was like ay yo, ay yo

You are not worthy,
You are not worth the effort it take to fight ya,
Only way you comin round is if you circle jerk the cypher,
This is Erkel murkin’ purple rain born a prince became a writer,
Spirit name Jesus,
First name Michael,
Doing it better whatever it take,
Movement the letter remember the name,
Ebb with the pain sway with the flow,
Rain or shine, impeccable tho,
Sinking in deeper, thinking that we could,
Beat all the creatures, hit um with ether,
Maybe delete the evil in me cause,
How can I kill what I cannot see

Why don’t you come with me,
Up in the mirror like set that fucker free,
All my life I been trying to feed the beast,
But set that table for two,
Cause misery loves company

So I say that, and this mother fucker stands up,
And starts yelling, like the food was cold or some shit,
I can’t take it man

It take a moment for my mind state to acclimate,
Get into a place where I can stay actin straight,
So I activate the acid rain and ascertain,
How much ass n brain could get this kid to act his age,
He’s after fame I'm after change it's the same game,
But lanes change to maintain you gotta think of erraythang,
So I anticipate the mixed debate and fuckery,
Before the Fake snake could taste a sip of gluttony,
Now he lookin at me sideways like my way defines fate,
And he done missed the exit on the highway,
Well fuck this dude and his words and his life and his nerve,
Who the fuck he think he is, word I'm out


So I'm done, and I'm ready to fuckin leave man,
The server walks up, and brings me the bill,
And there’s only one meal on there,
And I’m like, what the fuck?
You’re gonna let this dude eat for free?
After all that shit?
The server looks me up and down, angry as fuck,
Like, “sir, you’re the only one at this table”,
I look across from me, and all I see’s is an empty chair,
And I’m like, wait, what the fuck?

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