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Country Joe & The Fish – An Untitled Protest lyrics

Red and swollen tears tumble from her eyes
While cold silver birds who came to cruise the skies
Send death down to bend and twist her tiny hands
And then proceed to target "B" in keeping with their plans
Khaki priests of Christendom interpreters of love
Ride a stone Leviathan across a sea of blood
And pound their feet into the sand of shores they've never seen
Delegates from the western land to join the death machine
And we send cards and letters.
The oxen lie beside the road their bodies baked in mud

And fat flies chew out their eyes then bathe themselves in blood
And super heroes fill the skies, tally sheets in hand
Yes, keeping score in times of war takes a superman
The junk crawls past hidden death it's cargo shakes inside
And soldier children hold their breath and kill them as they hide
And those who took so long to learn the subtle ways of death
Lie and bleed in paddy mud with questions on their breath
And we send prayers and praises.

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    In the first line of the song it mentions “Red and swollen tears” , and I think that red and swollen is the eyes of a widow, daughter, or lover that lost their family or lover to the war, and the tears are the tears that they wept. Cold silver birds are bomber planes that are scouting the area to drop their bombs. It could also mean the birds that feast on dead bodies that are rotting. When there are no humans near, they tear parts of dead flesh with their claws, so the song says they bend and twist her tiny hands. The B represents the area that bomber planes target and bomb.
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