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Cory Gunz – Foreign lyrics

Round round smoking weed with my foreign bitch
Round round smoking weed with my foreign bitch, foreign bitch
My window down on grind to my my new shit
Got my new bitch, got my got my new bitch
I don't cop for no jades they say them hoes who freak
Got the pound for no pussy fuck them hoes who freak
That bitch is on deck

You know how to fuck our team
Puffing but my boo, cups of... With my crew
They... The sun, street falling that hurt
Fat ass in my lab she pulling my shirt
Cameras all in my belt, bring bringing my scalp
High is all the things up, showing all for myself
Real next to my mikes, things chatting my spikes
Low right no chick, right behind my bike
Barney pissing my sprite, Christmas grintching my switch
Ballin on em all night, me and my bitch
Call em hoes more miley, call em hoes more drink
Sixty racks in my pocket, all them hoes going thing
... Dripping I'ma get tipsy, sipping I'ma get gripping
Make the chopper get choppi, different I just get cocki
No lip of mine no kiss poppin, sleeping I just get sluppi
Haters in my set why they all in my mix
Y'all can all get next on my deep bitch


Yep and it's time for guns to get lifted
It's time for guns to get lifted
It's time for guns to get lifted
Border brick for my kicks, border brick for my click
Couple trons for my kicks, one for my bitch
They ain't searching no woman I just... That two pocks
Ping pong in that grinding, feel like holla grand two pocket
Gangsta party bust the big chocking
I don't care what you're rolling as long as I'm smoking
Damn I love to see money but I show it
Memory of keep money mental for my moment
... For that I'm... Watch yourself 'cause I'm mad
Get the fuck at your bitch ass
Paying won't be... I ain't tryin to get violent
I wish tryin to get wasted
Only time I'm smiling is when I get faced it
Take the time taste it, David... Basin
Put the bag in that lab I get...
Take the time taste it, base it
Take the time taste it, David... Basin
Put the bag in that lab I get...


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