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Cormega – All I Need Is You lyrics


*Phone rings*

[Mega] yo
[Girl] Hey
[Mega] Whussup
[Girl] Chillin
[Mega] Word
[Girl] Working
[Mega] Yeah, nahmsaying
[Girl] Well when you coming home?
[Mega] I'm a be there later on
[Girl] Well look, wee need to talk
[Mega] Ahh boy
Yo listen, check this out

Last night I had a dream, it had me opened like a fiend
I remember it's me you, the moon and ocean breeze
My heartbeat increased, like I see a roach of D's
I relax cause of these words you spoke to me
You said "You wanna feel me"
Inside you, conceal me
I belong to you, no other woman can steal me
You mentally attached, essentially in fact
What you give is so real, you know I had to give it back
How I feel don't even matter, if I ain't expressing
Affection, my mind was infected you healed me
We destined, your beauty so addictive
I can't deny your presence
So pure, I got to add cut to stretch it
Your all I need in this world to succeed
I won't let you go cause I can see you trust me
I never, leave or deceive you
And if it's understood, then we can be together
Cause you treat a nigga good

All I need is you
- In my life, to be down with me
All I need is you
- To hold me, and to make me see
All I need is you
- To be there in my time of need
All I need is you
- I'll be there when you need me to be

When I was running he streets, I know you wanted to leave
Especially the time, you found a nine in my jeans
But you persevere, gave work and tears
That's why I'll never desert you or hurt you, yeah
I used to keep feelings concealed, now I reveal em'
I was hustling to get right, now we chillin
All my mans staring at the ceiling, thinking of children
And any other situation, we might deal with
At first I was hesitating, making a commitment
Now I see you different, so many ways
I need a Queen like a King, did he pray Egyptians days?
And it seems you been afraid, I might get into things
That might put me away for years, save your fears
Listen ma, lets get one thing clear
I never leave you, deceive you, and if it's understood
We could be together, cause you treat a nigga good


Yo, I'm not the type to have a next chick calling your phone
Come see you at night, and then the morning you alone
I keep it a real with you, like my connects you got it good
I need to deal with you, I've yet to leave the hood
But I'm still with you, every time you need me, I'm there for you
If I didn't care for you, why would I be here for you?
Your peer loyal, got the kids spoiled
On the low, I don't think I would prepare for you
You cook good, look good, boo I adore you
And if you get me mad, we won't fight, I'll ignore you (yeah right)
Just playing, but yo, I'm just saying
I'm about to go, cause Hi-Tek waiting
Yo son, that beat ready?

{*phone hangs up*}

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