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Corey Smith – Love Says It All lyrics

I’ll be the sunshine yellow burning if you’ll be the moon.
I’ll be the barbed wire of a rosebush if you’ll be the bloom.
I’ll be a rain dance on a flood plain if you’ll be the clouds.
I’ll be the deep roots of a redwood if you’ll be the boughs.
I’ll be thin air in the blue sky if you’ll be the birds.
I’ll be the pages of the prayer book if you’ll be the words.

Love says it all. Love says it all.
The tongue often slips when the heart hits the lips,
But love says it all.

I’ll be a wildfire in the dry grass if you’ll be the spark.
I’ll be the warm glow of a nightlight if you’ll be the dark.
Or I’ll be a slow flame on a candle if you’ll be the wax.
I’ll be the red wine on the table if you’ll be the glass.

Love says it all. Love says it all.
The seasons turn, fools never learn,
But love says it all.

I’ll be the snowfall if you’ll be the cold.
I’ll be the shepherd if you’ll be the fold.
Oh, I’ll be the white sands if you’ll be the sea.
I’ll be a forest if you’ll be the trees.

I’ll be a full seed in the garden if you’ll be the soil.
I’ll be a victor in the great war if you’ll be the spoils.
I’ll be a grand hall in a museum if you’ll be the art,
And I’ll be damned if anything should keep us apart.

Love says it all. Love says it all.
It’s perfectly clear, it’s the reason we’re here.
Love says it all.

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