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Contravene – Blue By Day White By Night lyrics

From it's earliest beginnings the idea of justice within
Our system
Has been nothing more than a blatant lie
The idea of unbiased law and order
Distributed by the very ones that wish we would die

From the very start the cops sole purpose was to
Protect white interest
You. S. Marshals were established to suppress indigenous
But it's not just the cops, there's more at stake than
It's the prison guards, the fbi, and all they say
The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines
All support this racist shit where you're 3/5 a human

Don't feed me this "white rights" shit like no one
Understands you
You're not oppressed you're a fucking killer and the
Cops stand behind you
Time and time again, we see it on the streets
Cops support the kkk and the values that they teach
And when people in communities try to fight back
Racists use their right to free speech to justify their

And we all feel the backlash when we voice our
Because the cops will stop at nothing to defend the
Klan's position
So we're the ones that feel the long arm of "justice"
Tighten around our throats to ensure our silence
Because the cops are the kkk
And the opposite is true
That the same racist fucker that burns the cross at
Hides behind a badge in daylight
And is said to be protecting you

Blue by day, white by night
Killer cops on the streets taking away our rights
Blue by day, white by night
Just sit back, don't make a fuss, or they'll snuff out
Your life
Blue by day, white by night
Killer cops on our streets issuing our "rights"
Blue by day, white by night
Just sit back, don't make a fuss, or they'll snuff out
Your fucking life

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