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Compose´ – Nightingale lyrics

Verse 1
I’ve been waiting a long time for the right one to give my heart to
Someone to be down but you gotta be right and singing my tune yeah
(do do do do do do) I need to know (do do do do do do) what you’re talking bout’
(do do do do do do) and what you on game? (do do do do do do) say

Hey nightingale I’m that gal that don’t take no mess from nobody (from nobody)
(we say yea) hey nightingale (yea…yeaaaa) I’m that gai that don’t take no mess from nobody (yea…..yeaaa) from nobody (yeah)

Verse 2
Ok listen let me be clear these honey words you speak are falling on deaf ears
All I hear is “tweet tweet when you speak,” you’re too grown to be so insincere
I need someone who can fly high I’m a cloud dweller if you’re gone it’s for the better
I won’t let you tear down (down) my home I suggest you find another
Tree to perch on.

Bridge (outro)
I’ve heard it all, seen it all, all the games been played and I’m not participating anymore (cause I’m not down for your mating call)
It’s time to grow up, be a man put your big boy pants on…cause’ I’m woman enough to tell ya (see I’m not down for your mating call……)

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