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COMPLX – Chirp lyrics

I said I'm outside
Meet me in the front
In and out all my niggas quick to export
I know they hear me man

Steady makin' noise
Eyes peeled for the money I ain't got a choice
Pager on my side
Hit me wit a chirp
In the house on the beats cooking hella work
Not a fan to these niggas cuz they hella hurt
Young messiah but a nigga started from the durt
Watch them go berserk niggas want the fame I jus want the change but it
Can't be loose, in the booth wit the fuckin' flame
Nigga stay same
Who to blame ima never change
Betta use ya brain cuz I slang when I switching lanes
Who is that
Tellem meet me at the front
Where the fuck you at
You gon' make me late for lunch
Posted I the back, keep it low key when I stunt
Cuz these niggas quick to jump
Want the beef me me outside

Said I'm outside
Meet me in the front
Pager on my side
Hit me wit a chirp

Phantom wit the mask black genius in the lab
Plotting on a milli while im blowing on this gas
Its the young cool nigga on a elevated path
Know im following my visions leaving niggas in the past
Cuz my soul free, super low key
Triple og
Holy, bowgard shit like a goalie q
Life to short so a nigga moving slowly, champ of the ring like a nigga
Letta nigga know
Ever since a youngin' know I rep the double O
Niggas talk less but they know they want more
But I'm standing at the top so I never hit the floor
Nigga x's n o's
Gotcho hoe feeling my vibe
Bitches be hitting like corn on the cob
Nigga step to the side
Young nigga and I'm jus ahead of my time

Said I'm outside
Meet me in the front
Pager on my side
Hit me wit a chirp

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