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Commotio Cordis – Inevitable Agenda lyrics

You take your life for granted
Given tools to build a good life
But you live a life based upon deceit and lies
Now let me show what you are through another's eyes.
Woke up and bound at the ankles and wrists
In a room you don't recognize saying; "What the fuck is this?!"

First you hear a loud ringing inside your head
Then a voice with an evil tone that most would dread
"You will pay for what you've done" is what the cold voice said
"You will give me your fingers or I will take your fucking head"
Then the bounds on his wrists *1break away*

Blood drips from his hands. Now in a state of shock.
He hears the cold voice again.

Irritation sets in as you listen to his words...
"You've lived the life of a coward...
Taken adavantage of people you "love"...
Caring for noone but yourself...
A life decision you'll soon regret. "

Because you're heartless and so cold
Your life has now become your toll

Begging for your life, you notice a door open
Hope gleaming in your eye you make a run for it
Roaming through this unknown building,
You feel escape is in reach. Exit in sight you sprint towards your freedom,
But to no avail.

Fallen for this trap you scream and go insane and
Now you're stuck again with no escape and then you soon realize your fate

And as you scream because of all the pain you fight to stay awake but with
A knife I take your life away this was your final day!

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