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Common Market – Nothin' At All lyrics

I know you want me to be that type of dude
And I want to be who you'd like me to
But we both know, I can't do nothin' at all
You say there's no use in walkin' out
And I say there's just what I'm talkin' 'bout
'Cause we both know I can't do nothin' at all

We do our thing, son
Some will spend a lifetime trying to find a reason
We do our thing, son
War takes prisoners and I aint trynna be one
We do our thing
No apologies, no complaints and no refunds
It's mad work to be done

They may say I'm just a dreamer
Well at least I'm thinkin' while I'm sleepin'
'Cause the last thing I can do is nothin' at all
They may say we'll never win against 'em
I say fuck you and your cynicism
As for me, I can't do nothin' at all

My past plagued by a plethora of regrets
In my agonist age I'm a questioner of precepts
If we left the staff in place to blaze the path then,
The shackles stay and bind the sequitur to each step
The chain, boss, be an irritant to contact
I'm trained not to be a militant of combat
Upon that, frame the shot – pop and aim
Sayin' the game's soft be the will of him who want that
"YO" said to be the idiom of paltry
Yeah, the broke fed upon the brilliance of bawdry
Lauded be, see folks spread – ahead go now
The quote read by the billions, so pardon me
The tag "sham" is but a negligent critique
While some had a chance others fester in the disease
The kid needs to pack the jam, man I get at y'all
Goddamn he's pressin' it, best believe

You can call me anything you'd like
And I will call you when it's time to strike
'Cause we both know I can't do nothin' at all
We may not be in agreement now
But we have got to try and work it out
'Cause we both know we can't do nothin' at all

We do our thing, son
Long as you do yours, land here become fecund
We do our thing, son
Through the act we attract two, hope to reach one
We do our thing
Some'll paint a piece, some'll spray with a machine gun
It's mad work to be done

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