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Colours Run – Chaos Song lyrics

Chaos wakes
In the simplest of my mistakes
The tv said
Tomorrow we could wake up dead
Oh Christ, escape
I've got to get to somewhere safe
Wake all my friends
Don't you know the world's about to end
It's all a state of mind
Scratch hard and you can always find
A chaos song

Choke the path
Hungry little blizzard fingers grasp
A thousand cars
Sink into the burning tar
Now panic spreads
Caught in a web of our own threads
Please save me first, yeah
I don't care about the rest

It's all a state of mind
Scratch hard and you can always find
A chaos song

Come on, there's got to be a crack somewhere
With fingernails I could prise
Fall through the box and pass myself
Circling different skies
God, I'll never believe myself again
I'm just a slave of fate
Maybe I like it in my cage
Cos I'm still afraid, I'm still afraid
I'm still afraid of change

So chaos song
Everything I thought I knew was wrong
The world's in flames
I get the feeling I'm to blame
My black, my white
Got messed up in the tv light
Now chaos reigns
Why's every single day
Why's every single day
Why's every single day
The same

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