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College Humor – Honest Graduation Song lyrics

When we graduated high school we were close as could be
Said I'll come visit you and you'll come visit me
I keep telling my new friends 'bout you
And all the crazy high school things that we used to do

When I looked at a map your school was kinda far
I'd love to go visit but I don't have a c ar
If I, got worried about the plans we didn't make
We'd both be totes be chillin' hard over thanksgiving break

Cause we're bffs, we wont break that bond
Even it to your I'm's I don't respond
Can't help it that we rarely speak
Busy scheldule man I can't talk this week

And it was me and you, but now my roommate too
His name's Jim and you really gotta meet him dude
He is really lucky that he's in a band
We've got inside jokes that you won't understand

But dude we're friends for real

As we go on
I remember
That one thing we
Did together

College gave me
A different outlook
We'll always be
Friends on facebook

So freshman year has ended and we're home again for summer
I saw you at Starbucks, you were being quite a bummer
You were whining 'bout how we never chilled all year
And trying to get me to come out for a beer

You're a little bit funny but you're blind to see
That we're two far different people than we used to be
So I still write happy B Day on your wall
And be nice to your mom when I see her at the mall

But please don't ever call

Dude I moved on
Please don't get pissed
I've got new friends
And you're not missed

Now I'm leaving
Take a good look
You won't see me
'Cept on Facebook

When we're sitting at a funeral few years from now
Some guy we knew died and we're both back in town
I'll wander over and I'll say hello
Heard you got married, how did it go?

Things are tough lately, lost my job in L. A
My life is somewhere between bad and ok
I heard, I heard you're doing really well
Know anyone who's looking for help?

Dude I'm sorry
I was distant
But I never
Met to dismiss

Our great friendship
Hard as it's been
We can still be
Friends on Linked In

Dude I'm sorry
I was distant
But I never
Meant to dismiss

Our great friendship
Hard as it's been
We can still be
Friends on Linked In

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