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Coldplay – Up With The Birds lyrics

The birds they sang
The break of day
Start again I hear them say
It's so hard to just walk away

The birds they sang
All a choir
Start again a little higher
It's a spark in a sea of grey

The sky is blue
Dreamed of light til it's true
Then take it back the pause shall through
My arms turn wings
All those clumsy things
Send me up to the wonderful world
And then I'm up with the birds

Might have to go
Where they don't know my name
Float all over the world
Just to see you again
But I won't show or feel any pain
Even though all my armour
Might rust in the rain

A simple plot
But I know one day
Good things are coming our way (Repeat twice)

Oh yeah

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Up With The Birds meanings

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    I think it's about writing about someone who has passed. It's so hard to just walk away. Meaning it's hard for life to move on. Might have to go where they don't know my name, float all over the world just to see her again. As in dieing to finally seeing the loved one. And I won't show any fear or pain, even though all my armor must rust in the rain. Meaning not to be afraid. The rust in the rain as in tears. I guess it's all perception depending on what one is going through.
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    To me, the song represents loss. Whether she died, or they simply broke up, it sounds like he misses a woman. And it sounds like he'll try to find her, as the song tells how he'd travel to the ends of the earth just to see her again. Whether this is finding someone who reminds him of her or actually finding the girl, he has hope. His armor rusting in the rain probably means sadness, whether it's his tears or just gloomy weather, the sorrow is enough to "rust his armor", or incapacitate him. As rusty armor doesn't move, he can't move on. Being "up with the birds" could mean drugs; it could mean death, or it could just mean he's reminiscing back to a time when he was actually happy. Whatever it means, he's escaping from the gloom of the reality that this woman is gone from his life. The song ends on a hopeful note; he's saying that whatever happens, he has hope that good times are ahead.
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