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Clawfinger – The Faggot In You lyrics

Is it the faggot in you that's doing the talking,
Why can't you accept what you see
Could it be you're afraid that you're not quite as straight
As you've been making yourself out to be
Cos' you talk about it like it's a disease
In desperate need of a fast remedy
You keep on telling us all how you feel so damn sorry
For their pain and all their agony

The male that's inside of you
Is rejecting the female inside of you, find the faggot in you

Tell me one thing why can't you realize
It's not something a person can plan
It's not like you wake up and get out of bed
And decide to fall in love with a man
It's either there or it's not and there's no right or wrong
And there's no big decision to make
Cos' we are what we are and we feel what we feel
And that's something you'll just have to take


If you're so sure and you feel secure
About yourself and your reality
Then why do you need to reject and refuse
Where other people stand sexually
You've got a problem if you have a problem
With seeing two people embrace
Cos' regardless of s** race colour or creed
It's something you'll just have to face


If you're so certain that you can't fall in love
With a man then what is there to fear
It could well be that the truth of the matter
Is in fact that you're actually q****

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