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City And Colour – We Found Each Other In The Dark lyrics

I heard the church bells from afar
But we found each other in the dark
And when the smoke does finally pass
We will rise above all the ash

Cuz were gonna live
Were gonna live (x8)
At last

So bright, the flames burn in our hearts
That we found each other in the dark
The beast, out in the wilderness
We are fighting to survive and convalesce

Cuz were gonna live
Were gonna live (x8)
Like the rest

Through the black soulless water
And the cold lonely air
On the rock restless seas
The vessel in deep disrepair

And I swore they started singin'
But they'd all rejoice
I can still hear your voice

Then I heard the church bells from afar
But we found each other in the dark.

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    I think its about finding someone when you are both at your worst. Someone who compliments you and you them. You help each other out of the black bottomless pit of loneliness and despair. You owe your life to this person, but then you realize that they are just as appreciative of your existence and interjection as you are of them. You get through the hard times together and you celebrate the good. This person is your soul mate. And you are theirs.
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    I know this is not what the song was about ,but it fits perfectly. Every time I listened to this song I thought of the Titanic, here's why: "Through the black starless waters" The Ship sank middle of the night it was a starless sky. "Cold lonely air" It was 2am when only the lifeboats had survived, air and water were below freezing. "Rock restless seas" The ship had been traveling full speed in ice berg filled ocean. "The vessel in deep disrepair" The ship rose upright before breaking in half and sinking causing over 1.500 deaths. "And I swore they started singing" It is said that the survivors started to sing while waiting for rescue for distraction and mourning. "But then Oh rejoice, I can still hear your voice" Imagine hearing a loved ones voice singing who you thought was dead. "We found each other in the dark" It could have reunited couples and families... who knows? That's just my interpretation.
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